Marketing Plan


The Marketing Plan shows how we intend to allocate our total yearly volume production between the six FEE online sales events and the annual Hardwood Auction organised by Newland Rennie Auctioneers.  The volumes we plan to market at each sale event are also split between the Direct Production of round timber products and Standing Sales is also shown.

SALE DATE Proposed Volume
Standard Standing Sales Conditional Standing Sales Conditional Standing Sales
30-Mar-16 18.7   12.0
25-May-16 18.7 30.0 12.0
27-Jul-16 18.7 30.0 12.0
28-Sep-16 18.7 30.0 12.0
30-Nov-16 18.7 30.0 12.0
22-Feb-17 18.7 30.0 12.0
26-Apr-17 18.7 30.0 9.0


* Volumes rounded to nearest 1k m3.